Who We Are

Munchausen Support was created in collaboration with some of the country’s top Munchausen by Proxy experts, all of whom serve on the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children’s interdisciplinary Munchausen by Proxy Committee.

Founder and Board Member

Andrea Dunlop (she/her)

Andrea Dunlop was inspired to work on Munchausen by Proxy awareness after a member of her family was investigated for abuse, an event which changed the course of her life and inspired her 2019 novel We Came Here to Forget. While doing press for her book, she met Dr. Marc Feldman and later joined the APSAC’s MBP Committee.

Andrea is the host and creator of the hit true crime podcast about Munchausen by proxy, Nobody Should Believe Me, which has been downloaded more than five million times since its launch.

She is the author of two previous novels: Losing the Light (2016; Washington Square press), and She Regrets Nothing (2018; Atria/Simon&Schuster). Her books have been featured in Town & Country, Bustle, InStyle, US Weekly, Vanity Fair, People Magazine and elsewhere. She lives with her husband and daughter in Seattle, WA.

Learn more about Andrea here.

Board Member

Marc Feldman (he/him)

Dr. Feldman is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. A Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Feldman is an international expert in Factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome and Munchausen by Proxy, as well as another form of medical deception known as Malingering. He is the author of five books and more than one hundred peer-reviewed articles, and has appeared as an expert in hundreds of media outlets throughout the world.

Learn more about Dr. Feldman and his other areas of expertise, including Malingering, Munchausen Syndrome, and Munchausen by Internet here.


Mike Weber

Mike Weber is an investigator with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s department in Fort Worth, TX and has investigated more than thirty cases of Medical Child Abuse. A 35-year law enforcement veteran with over a decade of investigating crimes against children, Mike Weber is a national expert in the investigation of Medical Child Abuse, better known as Munchausen by Proxy. Weber is a co-author of “Munchausen by Proxy; Clinical and Case Management Guidance” an article published in the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children’s journal, APSAC Advisor (March 2018), a peer reviewed publication. In that same issue of the Advisor, Weber also wrote a piece titled “Investigations of Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another or Medical Child Abuse.” Michael Weber also authored “Investigating Medical Child Abuse,” which published in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (August 2018). Weber’s investigative work was endorsed by the editorial board of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Learn more about Mike’s work here.


Beatrice Yorker, JD, RN, MS (she/her)

Beatrice Yorker, JD, RN, MS is a Professor Emerita of Nursing, Criminal Justice and Criminalistics at California State University, Los Angeles. She is a child psychiatric nurse and an attorney who has published on Munchausen by Proxy child abuse and serial murder by healthcare providers. She held faculty positions at Emory University, Georgia State University and Morehouse School of Medicine and was the Director of the School of Nursing at San Francisco State University before serving as the Dean of Health and Human Services at CalStateLA for ten years. She currently consults, trains, and volunteers in areas of her expertise.

Independent Contractor

Jordyn Hope (they/he/she)

Jordyn Hope is a student at St. Louis University working on their MSW. They are a survivor of Munchausen by Proxy Abuse (MBPA). Jordyn is a member of the MBP Committee Board through APSAC. They are an independent contractor for Munchausen Support. They facilitate support groups for survivors of MBPA, manage intake and referrals from those impacted by MBPA, and they provide coaching to survivors. They give presentations around the US for professionals to help aid in the treatment and care of victims/survivors of MBPA. They were published in the CAPSAC Consultant in 2022, presented at Michigan’s 40th annual Child Abuse & Neglect Conference in 2022, and presented at the national APSAC Colloquium in 2023.

Board Member

Dr. James Hamilton, PhD (he/they)

Dr. James Hamilton is associate professor emeritus in the Department of Psychology at the University of Alabama, where he worked for 28 years in the Clinical Health Psychology Concentration. His teaching and research have focused on the concept of illness behavior, the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral factors that shape the experience of having a disease or injury. Since 2008 he has participated in the evaluation of over fifty cases of alleged medical child abuse. In his retirement, he continues his consultation work as well as a program of research on the overmedicalization and medical abuse of children.

Board Member

Brian Fleming, CLU, CFP (he/him)

Brian is a financial advisor in Minnesota.  He is a facilitator for support groups for non-offending parents of Munchausen By Proxy victims.  Brian was a presenter at the APSAC Colloquium in 2023.   Brian has served as the President of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors – Minnesota and on the boards of other nonprofit organizations.